Historic Flooding Underway in the Eastern Plains/Midwest U.S.

Ohio/Tennessee Valley Tornado Risk
03/14/2019, 11:35 am EDT
Early 1993 and 2019 ENSO Regimes Similar And Partly To Blame for Midwest Floods
03/19/2019, 10:29 am EDT
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A combination of a wet climate and emerging snowmelt is causing historic river flooding in the East-central U.S. to Midwest States. The medium-range forecasts are trending wetter again.

U.S. flooding to worsen.

Fig. 1-2: Historic flooding is occurring in parts of ongoing flood zones marked in red in the central Great Plains and Midwest major river areas.

Great Plains discussion: “Historic” flooding is occurring in the Midwest U.S. now. The flooding will worsen. Still present snow cover contains excessive water across the northern Great Plains/Upper Midwest. The outlooks are trending warmer and now warmer than normal through the medium-range therefore accelerating snowmelt and attendant stream flows. The GFS ENS is trending wetter in the medium-range so now we will need to add precipitation into the mix accelerating the flood conditions.

Fig. 3-4: The GFS ENS continues to trend wetter in the Central U.S. during the medium-range.