Climate Impact Company


Climate Impact Company provides client-specific products based on a unique forecast process delivered in a format pertinent to the user. Products cover short-term high impact weather, medium-range (6-10/11-15 days) forecasts, extended-range outlooks (week 3-5 ahead) and seasonal climate predictions.

Recognizing pattern change in the 6-10/11-15 day period is our specialty. Climate Impact Company also projects phase of leading climate-makers such as ENSO, Pacific decadal oscillation and Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation. Seasonal forecasting including tropical cyclone outlooks is our specialty.

Climate Impact Company, Inc. provides just about any aspect of weather and climate forecasting. Products are available through the web site, email alerts, instant messaging alerts and conference calls. Presentations for special meetings and conferences are available.

Short-term operational forecast examples:

  • Statistical 15-day PJM and ERCOT forecasts
  • 5-day and 15-day alert for energy transmission and distribution
  • 3-week extreme temperature (heat index and wind chill) forecast
  • Daily 15-day report
  • Daily 10-day tropical cyclone monitor
  • Morning and midday weather/market report

Medium/extended/long-range prediction examples:

  • Weekly ENSO/global SSTA diagnostics
  • Monthly ENSO/PDO/AMO assessment/forecast
  • MJO analysis and outlooks
  • Soil moisture analysis and seasonal outlook
  • Daily 6-10/11-15/16-20 forecasts
  • Global week 2-4 forecasts
  • Weekly U.S. month 1-3 forecasts
  • Monthly global seasonal forecasts
  • Tropical cyclone season forecasts

Special forecasts:

  • Pacific Northwest Hydro
  • Southeast U.S. seasonal forecasts
  • Texas/Mid-South U.S. seasonal forecasts
  • ALERT emails for weather pattern/climate change
  • Can do 3-5 conferences/year on subject pertinent to your concern
  • Email, instant message and conference call set-up