06/18/2018, 2:32 pm EDT

Despite Warm Subsurface Why is El Nino Slow to Develop?

The equatorial subsurface Pacific Ocean is plenty warm and warming and foreshadows El Nino ahead once trade winds cease on a consistent basis. Cross-equatorial flow powered by the positive phase of the Pacific meridional mode has prevented surface warming into late calendar northern hemisphere spring.
06/18/2018, 4:22 am EDT

Heavy Rains To Hit U.S. Corn Belt This Week

After a hot and mostly dry period through mid-June Central U.S. agriculture areas are struck by 3-6 in. of gully-washer rains this week.
06/14/2018, 9:44 am EDT

Another Negative Atmospheric Angular Momentum Episode Ahead Causing Weather Extremes

Another slow down of the prevailing westerly flow aloft in the middle latitudes is forecast for the last 10 days of June leading to increased risk of extreme weather events.
06/06/2018, 8:51 pm EDT

An Extreme Cold April is Followed by Record Warmth in May for the U.S.

A stratospheric warming event over northern Russia in late FEB/early MAR caused a weather pattern that produced unusual cold and snow in Europe in March, Canada/U.S. in April and lingered northeast Canada in May. One extreme breeds another. South of the Canadian cold and snow in May the U.S. was record warm.